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Donor/Donor Transfer-Ready Embryos Pathway

Build your family with Donor/Donor Embryos from the same donor pair

About Pathway 5

Atlantic Shared Beginnings’ Donor/Donor Transfer Ready Embryos Pathway allows you to create an embryo profile that fits your family: you select both your egg donor and your sperm donor. This pathway allows you to obtain donor/donor embryos without travel, as we protect your safety during these uncertain times. Your chosen embryos can be shipped directly to your local fertility clinic, eliminating the need for travel. This program also allows the possibility of multiple genetically related siblings for recipients hoping for a larger family.

Once you are accepted, you will choose an egg donor from our online database. Full donor profiles are available with childhood and current photos.

When an egg donor is chosen, patients will then choose from compatible sperm donors. Compatibility is based based on expanded carrier screening from both donors. Donors can be selected from the comfort of your own home. The donor eggs will be fertilized and when embryos are available, the patient can begin the shipping process to their clinic.

Donor/Donor frozen embryos may be available for immediate transfer. Click here to request your initial consultation during which you can ask about immediately available Donor/Donor frozen embryos.

Egg Donors

At Atlantic Shared Beginnings, we believe recipients should choose their egg donor; not have one chosen for you. Recipients are given online access to all available donors and can select them from the comfort of their own home.

Our egg donors are healthy women between the ages of 21 and 29 who have agreed to donate their eggs to allow another to reach their dreams of pregnancy. Atlantic Shared Beginnings has a very thorough egg donor screening process which includes extensive physical and psychological evaluations. Only about 5% of donors who apply to become an Atlantic Shared Beginnings Donor will be accepted into our program.


Embryos are created with donor eggs and donor sperm chosen by the patient. Selected donor eggs will be fertilized with selected donor sperm, and the embryos will culture in the laboratory for five to six days until they reach the blastocyst stage. The blastocysts will be frozen and stored in the laboratory. Only good-quality blastocysts will be a part of this program.


This pathway offers a guaranteed successful thaw at your local clinic or replacement. Shipped embryos are good quality blastocysts. If an egg does not fertilize or the embryo does not develop, we will provide more eggs to meet the number of embryos selected.


Pathway 5’s fees vary by the number of transfer-ready embryos you choose.

One embryo: $12,500 (*Please Contact Director)

Two embryos: $22,000 (Use the clinic of your choice for transfer)

Three embryos: $28,500

Four embryos: $34,500

Five + Embryos: $40,000 plus $5,500 for each additional embryo

An initial non-refundable deposit of $600 will be due after the new patient consultation. The remainder of the pathway fee is due when the recipient chooses and secures her egg donor and sperm donor. Medications and some procedures are not included in the pathway fee and can be discussed during the initial consult with the program director.

Transfer-Ready Blastocysts
  • Clinic Location

    Clinic Location
  • Transfer is Additional

    Transfer is Additional
  • Pathway Price for this Option

    Pathway Price for this Option
Option 1
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    *Please contact Director
  • Transfer is Additional

  • Pathway Price for this Option

Option 2
  • Clinic Location

    Your Choice
  • Transfer is Additional

  • Pathway Price for this Option

Option 3
  • Clinic Location

    Your Choice
  • Transfer is Additional

  • Pathway Price for this Option

Option 4
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    Your Choice
  • Transfer is Additional

  • Pathway Price for this Option

Option 5+*
5 or more
  • Clinic Location

    Your Choice
  • Transfer is Additional

  • Pathway Price for this Option

    $40,000 + $5500 for each additional

Pathway 5 FAQs

How does Pathway 5 work?

The Donor/Donor Transfer Ready Embryos Pathway is uniquely suited for our travel-compromised times. This pathway allows you to create an embryo profile that fits your family: you select both your egg donor and your sperm donor from our online databases, and when the chosen number of embryos are available, they can be shipped directly to your local fertility clinic, eliminating the need for you to travel. This program provides  multiple genetically-related siblings for recipients hoping for a larger family.

What if no embryos develop with the fertilization?

If good quality embryos do not develop more eggs will be fertilized.

Do I get to see photos of the donors?

Yes. Although the Donor/Donor Transfer Ready Embryos Pathway works with anonymous donors, photos of the egg donors as children and young adults are included in our confidential online database. The same is true for sperm donors.

You will know a lot about your donors, but you will not know their names or be able to contact them. See our Donor and Recipient Anonymity Page to learn more about this important topic.

Can I use my husband's or partner's sperm?

Pathway 5 works only with Donor/Donor Embryos (Donor Eggs and Donor Sperm). To use your own or husband/partner sperm, Shared Beginnings has three pathways to choose from:

Pathway 1 – Fresh Donor Egg Transfer Pathway

Pathway 2 – Donor Egg Cohort Pathway (6 egg cohort)

Pathway 4 – Crossover Pathway (up to 2 6 egg cohorts)

Can I use my own egg donor?

Shared Beginnings only works with the anonymous egg donors we have screened and approved. Your own egg donor cannot be used. However we do offer a traditional donor program at our clinic Atlantic Reproductive Medical Specialists that is suited for private donors.

Can I use the same egg donor for all embryos?

Yes. We expect you to select the same egg donor and sperm donor for all of your embryos. Pathway 5 gives you the opportunity of having multiple embryos from the same donor/donor pair, so if you get pregnant with more than one of these embryos, your children will be siblings.

I would like to do genetic testing on my embryos, is this an option?

Yes. Genetic testing is an option in Pathway 5, and sex selection is available from that testing. Fees associated with genetic testing for embryos are additional.

Can I buy more eggs/ embryos from my donor?

Pathway 5 is especially well-suited for families wanting to have more than one child as you can select 2 – 4 embryos. This option can be discussed further with the program director during your initial consultation. Click here to request your no-fee, no-obligation phone consultation.

I do not live in North Carolina; can I still participate in this pathway?

Pathway 5 is structured especially for families who do not live within driving distance of Atlantic Shared Beginnings’ offices in the Brier Creek area of Raleigh, North Carolina. This pathway requires absolutely no travel; you are fully protected from any travel-related risks during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Pathway 5 allows you to select your egg donor and sperm donor safely and comfortably from your own home, and when the embryos are available, your local clinic coordinates the shipping and transfer of your embryos.

Can I transfer more than one embryo?

Transfer has two meanings with third party reproduction.

The transfer of the embryo to the womb for pregnancy, and the transfer of the embryos from our clinic to your clinic.

Pathway 5, because it is specifically designed for transfer to a clinic local to you, does not include embryo transfer to womb in the pricing.

As for transferring two embryos to the womb for twins, for the safety of the mother or surrogate, we only recommend one embryo implantation at a time.

Since Pathway 5 is especially designed for families wanting multiple children, you will have the number of embryos you request, for future implantation, once shipped to your local fertility clinic.

Can I have my embryos shipped to my local clinic?

Pathway 5 is ideally suited for multiple embryos shipped to your local clinic. Shipping fees are additional, and requires coordination between your local clinic and ours.

My insurance has fertility coverage, might it cover any of the fees?

The Shared Beginnings Program Fees are a discounted bundle package and cannot be billed to insurance. We regret that itemized statements will not be generated or provided to patients.

Can I use my own donor sperm?

Pathway 5 works solely with anonymous sperm donors.

To use your own donor sperm we offer three pathways: Pathways 2, 3 and 4. See our forthcoming Pathway Decision Tree graph for details.

How are embryos in the Donor/Donor Transfer Ready Pathway chosen?

We work closely with our patients and will guide you through the process of selecting donors, and, we know you know what you want, the traits and qualities you wish for.

After your initial consultation, you will be given temporary access to our online databases. When you sign up for this Shared Beginnings pathway you will be given the time you need to review our egg donor database as well as compatible sperm donors, to create a profile that fits your family.

Occasionally, we have a limited number of Donor/Donor frozen embryos available, something we will discuss during your initial consultation.

If you haven’t yet requested your free, no-obligation initial consultation, please d0.

What if I only want one embryo?

Pathway 5 is specifically for multiple embryos from the same anonymous paired donors (egg donor and sperm donor).

For a single embryo, consider our Pathway 3 for a single embryo, that comes with a pregnancy or up to three transfers at Atlantic Medical Reproductive Specialists; or alternatively, you could try Pathway 1 which includes 1 transfer. For pricing comparisons, see our Pathway Pricing page.


Pathway 1

Fresh Donor Egg Transfer
Pathway with Guarantee

Pathway 2

Donor Egg Cohort
Pathway with Guarantee

Pathway 3

Donor/Donor Embryo
Pathway with Guarantee

Pathway 4

Pathway with Guarantee

Pathway 5

Transfer-Ready Embryos Pathway with Guarantee


Our Promise

We promise this to our recipients and donors:

Your health, well-being and safety are, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do.

You matter.


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