Pathway 2

Donor Egg Cohort Pathway
Cultured with Guarantee

About Pathway 2

Atlantic Shared Beginnings’ Pathway 2 is focused on affordability, flexibility and patient access to donor eggs. The pathway offers six FRESH donor eggs fertilized with partner or patient-selected donor sperm where all resulting embryos are cryopreserved.

Donor eggs, fertilization, embryo culture and cryopreservation of embryos are included in the pathway fee. Atlantic Shared Beginnings guarantees at least one good quality day five or six blastocyst. All resulting embryos belong to the recipient and may continue to be preserved and implanted as desired by the recipient at a clinic of the recipient’s choosing. Continued preservation and implantation are not included in the Shared Beginnings’ pathway fees. The fertility center of choice will charge the patient separately. Any future treatments with Atlantic Shared Beginnings will be billed as itemized fees.

Because this pathway starts with a larger number of donor eggs, it is possible to have multiple embryos frozen for future use. This option is attractive for patients who would like more than one child or patients who elect to include genetic testing of their embryos. Options are available to double the number of eggs at a discounted rate.

Genetic Testing

The number of eggs in the this pathway allows Atlantic Shared Beginnings to offer genetic testing. Recipients who want genetic testing of their embryos can elect to do so for an additional $1500 fee. Atlantic Shared Beginnings’ program director will discuss these options and compare pathway during your new patient phone consult.

Egg Donors

Our donors are young, healthy women who have agreed to donate their eggs to allow another to reach dreams of pregnancy. At Atlantic Shared Beginnings, we believe the patient should choose her egg donor; not have one chosen for her. Once accepted into the pathway, recipients will be given access to available egg donor profiles and photos and can choose from the comfort of their own home.


Atlantic Shared Beginnings is so confident in this pathway that we offer a guarantee that you will have at least one blastocyst cryopreserved. Traditional egg donor programs are not only much more expensive, but they can be risky. There is no guarantee the eggs will fertilize or result in viable embryos. This guarantee is so strong that our patients can move forward with confidence knowing they will reach embryo transfer with at least one good-quality blastocyst. If a good quality blastocyst is not achieved, another cohort will be provided at no additional charge.


Embryos are created with eggs and sperm chosen by the patient. At Shared Beginnings, we value genetic ties and encourage recipients to use partner sperm or donor sperm of their choice. Donor eggs will be fertilized, and the embryos will culture in the laboratory for five or six days until they reach the blastocyst stage. The blastocysts will be frozen and stored in the laboratory. Patients may elect to start their Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists or have their embryos shipped to another clinic of their choice. Future treatments/ embryo transfers are not included under the Atlantic Shared Beginnings’ pathway fees.

Program Fee

The fee to participate in the Shared Beginnings’ Donor Egg Cohort Pathway is $18,500. An initial non-refundable deposit of $600 will be due after the new patient consultation with a physician and will count towards the pathway fee. The remainder of the pathway fee is due when the recipient chooses and secures her egg donor for treatment. Some procedures are not included in the pathway fee and can be reviewed on this page as well as discussed during the initial consult with the program director.

Pathway 2 FAQ's

Pathway 2 - Donor Egg Cohort Pathway FAQs

How does Pathway 2 work?

The Donor Egg Cohort Pathway will fertilize 6 donor eggs via ICSI, and culture them. The resulting embryos which are cryopreserved. Shared Beginnings guarantees you will have at least one good quality blastocyst, or we will repeat the process at no additional charge. Patients typically have 2-5 embryos cryopreserved. Embryo transfer cycles are not included in this pathway.

What if no embryo develops with the fertilization?

If a good quality embryo does not develop with the first fertilization attempt, more eggs will be fertilized at no extra charge.

What if more than one embryo develops with the fertilization?

If more than one embryo develops with the fertilization and you achieve pregnancy with your first transfer, the remaining embryo(s) belong to you. After program graduation you can elect to have those embryos stored for future use.

Do I get to see photos of the donors?

Yes, childhood and current photos are available to recipients who are accepted into the program. You will also see other information about the donor’s health and personality.

Can I use my own egg donor?

No. Egg donors are anonymous in the Shared Beginnings program so your own egg donor cannot be used. We do offer a traditional donor program at our clinic that would be better suited for private donors.

Can I use my husband’s/partner sperm?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of genetic ties and have tailored this program to support patient preferences.

I would like to do genetic testing on my embryo(s), is this an option?

Yes. Genetic testing is an option in the Shared Beginnings 6-Fresh Donor Egg Program. This option can be discussed with the program director or your physician at your initial appointment. Fees associated with genetic testing for embryos in this program are additional.

Can I buy more eggs from my donor if I get pregnant for future use?

Yes. If additional eggs are available from your donor, cohorts of 6-8 vitrified eggs can be purchased for $14,000 after program graduation. This option is not part of the Shared Beginnings program and successful transfer is not guaranteed. This option can be discussed further with the program director or your physician at your initial appointment.

I do not live in North Carolina; can I still participate in this program?

Many of our patients travel to participate in the Shared Beginnings Program. Although travel expenses are not included in the program price, the affordability of the program makes travel a possibility for most patients. Many steps of the program can be completed away from the clinic.

You will however have to travel to the clinic for some appointments. Click here for nearby Raleigh-Durham hotel options.

Can I transfer more than one embryo?

Single blastocyst transfer is recommended. The physicians will discuss the best options for a healthy pregnancy with each patient.

Can I have my embryos shipped to my local clinic?

YES! With our 6-egg cohort program, embryos can be created at Shared Beginnings then shipped to your clinic for the transfers. This option can be discussed with the program director to make sure the transfer and shipping goes smoothly.

My insurance has fertility coverage, how will this work?

The Shared Beginnings Program Fees are a discounted bundle package and cannot be billed to insurance. Itemized statements will not be generated or provided to patients. Transfer Cycles are not included under the program fee and can be billed to insurance. Itemized statements for Transfer Cycles will be generated and provided to our patients.

Can I use my own donor sperm?

Yes, however not all donor sperm meets criteria to be used in the Shared Beginnings Programs. This option can be discussed further at the new patient consultation with the Program Director.

I have already had a lot of the required tests completed; can I use these records?

Many previous test results can be used and will not have to be repeated. Your records will be reviewed and we will discuss which will need to be repeated.

How are egg donors chosen?

Our patients know what they want. When you sign up for the Shared Beginnings Program you will be given a list of egg donors to choose from for creating an embryo that fits your family. We will work closely with you and help you through the selection process.

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Our Promise

We promise this to our recipients and donors:

Your health, well-being and safety are, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do.

You matter.


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