Self Care

Acupuncture on Embryo Transfer Day

Your self-care practices will shift as you go through the journey to pregnancy.

We recommend Acupuncture to support you on the day your embryo is transferred.

Acupuncture is used as an adjunctive treatment on embryo transfer day in order to relax the cervix and uterus. When specific acupuncture points on the body are stimulated, the muscles in the cervix and uterus soften. This may help you have an easy transfer and reduce uterine cramping. Research studying the effects of acupuncture right before and right after your embryo transfer shows an increase in implantation and live birth rates.

Another great benefit to having acupuncture on transfer day is that it is very relaxing. Certain acupuncture points can decrease anxiety and promote a grounded, calm feeling, and this is a welcome benefit on your important day. You do not need to have had acupuncture before or plan to do acupuncture again to receive the benefits of acupuncture on embryo transfer day. Some women choose to use acupuncture to help with blood flow and stress reduction during other parts of the cycle, but it is not necessary that you do this in order to get the benefits of relaxation and reduced cramping on the day of your transfer.

If you’re new to acupuncture, you’re likely wondering if it is painful since needles are involved. Acupuncture needles are tiny and solid, not hollow like those used in injections. They are about the size of a cat whisker and flexible because they are so thin. You usually don’t feel much at all, occasionally, there may be a small pinch, but overall it is very easy and not painful.

The treatments are given in a room with a heated massage table right next to where transfers take place. Wear comfortable clothes, you will need to push pants and sleeves up to the knees and elbows and also give access to your belly just under the belly-button. Once the needles are placed and you are comfortable, you will rest for 30 minutes. Afterwards you meet with the nurses and doctor and have your transfer. Then another acupuncture treatment for 30 minutes is given to re-enforce the relaxation effect and minimize any cramping.

Triangle Acupuncture Clinic has a team of acupuncturists who specialize in working with couples trying to conceive and has provided acupuncture on-site for embryo transfers for over 15 years. We commonly offer acupuncture support for women who have ovulation or menstrual cycle disorders, women who have a history of miscarriage, age-related infertility, male fertility enhancement, and stress reduction for both partners while trying to conceive. You can read more about us here, and many of your questions about acupuncture for infertility will be answered on our FAQ page.