September 22, 2022 ASB

Shared Story #10

Figuring out fertility at 50

Today is my 50th birthday. My husband and I have been together for 20 years. At 30 years old I really wasn’t excited about starting a family. My husband and I have moved, traveled, and lived life freely without ever thinking about having children.
My 50th creeped up, and his 60th, we started thinking more about settling down and our future. I saw my doctor and found out that I had waited too long to have a baby of my own. So we started looking for alternatives. Adoption wasn’t really an option for us. It seemed very intrusive, religious, and quite frankly no one really wanted to approve us. So, after realizing that we couldn’t have our own child, and couldn’t have an adopted child, we started looking into other avenues.
Everyone told me I was still young enough and healthy enough to carry a baby, and there were suggestions of using a donor sperm and donor egg. That seemed to be an expensive route. I am a researcher and love to dive deep into figuring things out, so when I stumbled over purchasing a donor donor embryo for much less, it seem to make sense to us. I’ve never been diagnosed with anything, I’ve never had trouble getting pregnant, I’ve just never tried. But here I am, in my later years, wishing I had thought about this more when I was 30.
Today Atlantic Shared Beginnings seems to be the best option in the country. I spoke to many embryo donation places and none of them seem to have the care, or grading that Atlantic has. ASB has been amazing to help me understand this journey and what we have to look forward to. I highly recommend whatever your situation, you talk to ASB and see what options you have.
Using an embryo is quite possibly the best choice we have ever made. We still have many options to pick from and we will still end up with our own baby!

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