May 16, 2022 ASB

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Adding to our Foster Family

My beautiful bride and I got married almost twenty years ago. We had met a few years earlier while serving together in the Navy. I was part of a package deal, divorced with three children while my new wife had none of her own. We tried for years to have children together with no success or explanation. Had some of our military exposures and deployment locations hurt our chances? Was it just bad luck combined with increasing age?

A couple of years later we completely gave up after the emotional roller coaster of IUIs, trying to console each other and moving on with careers.

Fast forward a decade and we are now longtime foster parents adopting our third child from that system.

Move ahead another handful of years and we are discussing how we can add to our family. I am rapidly approaching AARP registration age while my wife is on the wrong side of 40 for the odds to be in our favor, even with medical assistance. Returning to foster care comes with its own challenges and we were searching for options.

As soon as donor-donor embryos were explained, it was obvious this might be the answer we were trying so hard to find. It became increasingly clear this was the path we wanted to travel and the next step was choosing someone to help.

ASB was amazingly helpful explaining how things worked and answering all our questions. The donor selection process was very important to us and was ultimately why we chose to work with ASB. We were very impressed with how ethically they screen donors, how much freedom we had in our choices, and the transparency of the entire undertaking. My wife also loves the fact that with ASBs sibling option, we have an opportunity to add a full sibling in the future.

We are scheduled to transfer on May 19th and plan to have a wonderful update in a few weeks.

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