June 20, 2022 ASB

Shared Story #5

Scheduled Transfer!

My husband and I had been trying to conceive since 2017. After we got married in 2018 everyone kept asking when we were going to have a baby. Of course I told them we’re working on it, hopefully we will have one by next year (2019.) Months went by and we still hadn’t conceived. At that point I was discouraged so I decided to research clinics for infertility. I search all over the internet. Atlantic Reproduction caught my attention. Not only did I feel hopeful reading their page, I was ecstatic that they were only 6 minutes from my house. In 2019, we decided to set up a consultation and we met with Dr. Walmer at Atlantic Reproduction and he gave us a list of options. After blood work from my partner and I we found out about my low fertility. We then went over what would typically be best for our situation due to the low egg count we decided to go with IUI because IVF wasn’t an option. We did our first medicated cycle and conceived but that joy ended with a chemical pregnancy. Although we were extremely sad, we pushed through to do another medicated cycle. That ended with a BFN. We got discouraged and stopped trying. I would get depressed every time someone announced their pregnancy. But I had to suck it up and continue loving babies as I have for a long time. Three months later we tried an IUI with UNC Fertility Dr. Peavey. That resulted in a BFN. Thinking we wouldn’t find a solution to having a child we rerouted back to Atlantic Reproduction to get more information on the other options. Dr. Walmer explained the ASB Program and said that we would be great for it. I had a consultation with the program director and she immediately had me on board. Ironically we then found out that Dr. Peavey started working with them, which made me feel more confident in the care throughout the journey. After this long journey, here we are week’s away from a scheduled transfer. I’m so glad we went back to get more information on the ASB program or we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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