July 18, 2022 ASB

Shared Story #7

Enjoyed Being Newlyweds

When my partner and I met nearly two decades ago, we knew pretty early that there was something special about the other person we bonded so quickly with. After several months of friendship, years of dating, a proposal and marriage, it was on to the “baby in the baby carriage”.

We had been asked countless times after the wedding day, “When are you having kids?”

We were enjoying being newlyweds. Waiting for the right job to ensure a secure home for our children. Enjoying time with travel…just the two of us.

When we began trying to conceive, we knew it wouldn’t be an overnight process. After a few months of detailed timing, something just didn’t feel right. Fast forward (tests, out-of-state moves, cancelled appointments, hope and heartache, procedures through pandemic, etc.) and we finally had answers and a tough decision. An unexpected road to parenthood led us to IVF. Armed with our list of clinics, questions, and notes from months of research, we made our first call to Atlantic Shared Beginnings (ASB). After our call, my partner and I went through our notes.

My partner didn’t need to hear anymore. The positive experience from our call and affordable guaranteed program option were all we needed to move forward with ASB. They were always a quick email or call away to answer questions and bring ease to any concerns. Even after faced with a setback of an unavailable donor, they provided solace and sound advice.

As we await transfer day, we are so happy to have chosen ASB. We cannot wait to welcome our beautiful baby (or babies) into this world and look forward to the next chapter in our lives!

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We promise this to our recipients and donors:

Your health, well-being and safety are, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do.

You matter.

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