August 1, 2022 Jodie DuBreuil

Shared Story #8

Older Single Black Woman, Pursing Motherhood

When we dream about being mother, many of us do not anticipate challenges in making that dream a reality. We often see ourselves married or with our loved one as we welcome our miracle into the world. However, for many, that dream though still a reality does not come as easily as envisioned. I am an older single Black woman, pursing motherhood. Although my family loves and supports me, my decision to go through this journey alone, has been just as challenging for them to accept as it has been for me to pursue my dreams. My initial thought was adoption. I soon found, that to be as in many cases as expensive, stressful and not a guarantee as going through IVF. This led me to realize that I must at least try IVF while I am still able to regardless of the risks (disappointment, heartache). I will say I take offense to the labeling of “Single Mother by Choice.” I know I am making the decision to move forward as an unmarried woman, but this decision was not necessarily my choice, but rather my reality. I stumbled upon Atlantic Shared Beginnings by way of my fertility doctor and friend. From the moment I had my initial consultation with the program director, I felt at ease and hopeful. She is truly a blessing and the best ambassador for Atlantic Shared Beginnings. She is kind, compassionate and most importantly she listens. She will walk with you every step of your journey. Although I know, she is extremely busy; she will never make you feel as if you are just another customer or appointment on her calendar. No matter what state of mind I am in prior to my conversation with her, I am always hopeful and at ease after my conversation with her. She is truly the best! I highly recommend Atlantic Shared Beginnings as a safe space for women looking to become Mothers. I pray my dream does becomes a reality and I look forward to sending her photos of my blessing.

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