September 2, 2022 Jodie DuBreuil

Shared Story #9

Overcoming endometriosis and other obstacles to pregnancy!

For many years I considered myself to be among the childless-by-circumstance—those who silently suffer from the lack of opportunity to start a family—although in my case there may have been physiological obstacles for much of that time as well. I developed endometriosis early on, having my first surgery at 26 and my third at 33, where it had progressed to stage IV and crept all the way up to my lungs. Thankfully, the doctor put me on permanent hormone treatments at that point and my symptoms have been well managed since then.
The effect of all this on my fertility at the time wasn’t clear because I also happened to be perpetually unlucky in love, which was incredibly difficult as I watched friends get married and have children and drift away into their family lives. I confess that it was also oddly demoralizing that I was never invited to babysit, which makes one wonder about one’s reputation. To be fair, I have been known to juggle flaming torches.
At 40, kicking myself for waiting so long, I underwent fertility testing with an eye towards solo motherhood, but was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, likely in part due to my longstanding endometriosis. The news that the clinic wouldn’t even attempt to retrieve eggs for me was startling, because I thought that they would at least give me the option to try. In every other way I appeared to be well-equipped, though, so I started considering a new journey with donor eggs.
Which had to wait a bit longer! Of all the things that could have possibly delayed my plans at that point, the most miraculous occurred: fate saw fit to bring me the right guy, with whom I eloped a year later on a windy hilltop at the height of the pandemic. Reader, he also juggles torches.
Having considered all of our family-building options—and believe me, there was a spreadsheet involved—Atlantic Shared Beginnings was clearly the way to go. I felt so reassured by the pregnancy success guarantee program and was rather stunned at its affordability. Come what may, I know we’ll feel good about the fact that we pursued the very best treatment.

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