September 8, 2021 ASB

Tips for Selecting an Egg Donor: Expert Roundtable

Choosing an egg donor is a huge decision. ASB Director Natalie King was asked to participate in an expert roundtable for Egg Donor Connect to give her tips for selecting an egg donor. Her advice was to remember there are heritable phenotype changes that are the result of environmental influences that can play a role in the look of your child. You don’t need to focus solely on finding an egg donor with your exact eye or hair color.

Finding an egg donor and her family with similar phenotypes as yours is reasonable. Just keep in mind that feeling a connection is also important. When you are drawn to a donor based on her answers, her personality, and her overall message in her profile, you’re on the right track! If she’s not your exact height or her hair is slightly lighter, remember your child will make their look their own.

Go to: https://eggdonorconnect.com/a/Intended-Parents/Tips-For-Selecting-an-Egg-Donor for more tips. 

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