Become an Egg Donor

Hey Millenials & Gen Z'ers...

How about becoming an egg donor?

Here’s why you’d want to donate:

  • You have an extraordinary gift to offer families who cannot get pregnant on their own.
  • It won't cost you anything; in fact, we'll pay you $4500.
  • You have thousands of eggs and egg donation will not hinder your future fertility.
  • Now is the time you can donate, while you are healthy and in your twenties.

Give the Gift of Life

Fulfill a couple’s dreams and receive compensation that helps you live yours a bit easier! It’s all possible at Atlantic Shared Beginnings. Whether you want to pay off debt, add to your savings, or take that summer trip you’ve been dreaming of, becoming an egg donor puts your goals within reach and gives the most remarkable gift to a couple faced with infertility.

Shared Beginnings’ egg donors enjoy an anonymous, safe and rewarding process, while giving a deserving couple the precious gift of life!

Sign up today to learn more if you meet all three of the following requirements:

  • You are 21 - 29 years of age.
  • You do not use drugs or smoke. (We do extensive testing.)
  • You have a body mass index between 21 and 30. Calculate your BMI here.

Why age matters?

Why tobacco- and drug-free matters?

Why BMI matters?

The Rewards

You’re young. You may be at college or university. You may be working to make money for school. You have goals, aspirations, dreams. You’re working hard to make your plans come together, to shape your life today and going forward.

As an egg donor you would receive significant rewards, not just a helpful financial payment, but also much more. You’ll also receive health care during the cycle and informative test results on your genetic health, for free.

You will have the chance to make an extraordinary life-changing gift to a family that cannot bear children on their own.

  • Financial Compensation
  • Healthcare during the complete cycle
  • Emotional and spiritual reward of helping to create a family

The Process & The Risks

  • The risks to your health, your fertility and your future are extremely low
  • You will learn how to give yourself daily injections
  • Over 5-9 visits you will receive blood tests and ultrasounds of your ovaries
  • A set of eggs is collected in a 10-30 minute procedure under sedation
  • You'll be asked to rest the rest of the day
  • Minor post-procedural discomfort passes within 3 days

How about it?
Are you ready to apply to become an egg donor?

Atlantic Shared Beginnings is located centrally, in Raleigh, NC. We work with fertility patients, donor egg and embryo recipients nationwide. We work with egg donors from central North Carolina, whether you live in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, Sanford or beyond, we’d love to talk with you — give us a call at (919) 944-7229, fill in our form, or click for our contact us page.

Now For Your Questions...

Our Promise

We promise this to our recipients and donors:

Your health, well-being and safety are, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do.

You matter.


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