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with Donor Eggs and Embryos

Offering individualized, comprehensive fertility programs with donor eggs and embryos for women and men. Recognizing and celebrating the diversity of all families.


Welcome to Atlantic Shared Beginnings.

We are an agency that helps individuals and couples who need the help of donor eggs or donor embryos, fertilized by partner sperm or donor sperm, to realize their dream of building a family.

Our unique third-party reproductive services agency is located within Atlantic Reproductive Medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Our partnership with Atlantic Reproductive Medicine allows Atlantic Shared Beginnings to offer the best in pregnancy and family-building programs to those needing donor eggs or embryos to grow their families.

All of our egg donors undergo their donor stimulation and retrieval cycles at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine under the supervision of our highly qualified and experienced physicians.

All embryos are created in our state-of-the-art embryology lab at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine with the expertise of our highly experienced embryologists.

We can ship your high quality embryos to your local reproductive clinic or you can undergo your transfers at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine. 


Atlantic Shared Beginnings offers a unique program where you can create an embryo using fresh donor eggs with either partner sperm or donor sperm. There are different programs for pregnancy with donor eggs or embryos you can choose from to fit your individual needs.

All embryos are created at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine.

On this website, you will find information and videos regarding the different programs that are available. After reading through our website, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions via email or fill out the form below to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Become a Recipient

Our donors provide the gift of life and hope to intended parents who need the help of donor eggs or embryos to become pregnant and build their families.

Depending on the program you select, you can have your created embryos transferred to your uterus here at our Atlantic Reproductive Medicine clinic or at your own local fertility clinic.

All Shared Beginnings donors receive their care with Atlantic Reproductive Medicine, regardless of where the embryo transfer occurs.

Atlantic Shared Beginnings is honored to help our patients on their pathway to pregnancy and family building, and honored to give our donors the best care possible at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine.

Our Atlantic Shared Beginnings Office

Atlantic Shared Beginning Office is located within Atlantic Reproductive Medicine, which has the most up-to-date fertility services and Embryology and Andrology Labs where your embryo is created.

Atlantic Reproductive Medicine, Our Partner for Your Needs

Atlantic Shared Beginnings works closely with our partner, Atlantic Reproductive Medicine. Using tailored, evidence-based fertility treatment plans and the most current technologies, our physicians and lab specialists provide a tailored, personalized, relationship-based approach to family building.

With that same personalized approach, Atlantic Shared Beginnings offers assistance to those who need the help of donor eggs or donor embryos with either partner sperm or donor sperm to start or grow their families.

All intended parent recipients of donor eggs or donor embryos will become a patient at both Atlantic Shared Beginnings and Atlantic Reproductive Medicine (unless you choose to purchase an ASB embryo and have the embryo(s) shipped to your local clinic for transfer to your uterus there).

Atlantic Reproductive’s Fertility Lab

Atlantic’s Fertility Lab has two labs: the embryology lab and the andrology lab.

If you have not yet determined with a fertility specialist whether you need a donor eggs or embryo to help you start or grow your family, learn more about Atlantic’s Fertility Treatments.  Our specialists can diagnose your fertility needs.

If you have determined that you need a donor egg or donor embryo to build your family, Atlantic Shared Beginnings is ready and eager to help.

Which Program is Right for You?


Embryo Programs

With our Embryo Creation program, intended parent(s) create their desired embryo by selecting an egg donor from Atlantic’s egg donor database and a sperm donor from one of our partnering sperm banks.

Fresh Egg Donor

Fresh Donor Egg Program

With our Fresh Egg Donor Program, intended parent(s) select an egg donor from Atlantic’s egg donor database. The donor will go through an egg donation cycle to create embryos with either the intended parent’s sperm or donor sperm.

 Frozen Egg Donor

Frozen Donor Egg program

With our Frozen Egg Donor Program, intended parents have two program options:  selection of 8 mature frozen eggs or 12 mature frozen eggs. Embryology fees and PGT-A testing are separate costs paid to Atlantic Reproductive Medicine.

We are here to answer your questions by email or with a complimentary consultation

Email us any questions you may have that you would like us to address via email. We will reply within two business days.

Ready for a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique needs and which program might be right for you?

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Patient Reviews

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“Dr. Walmer, and Stephanie were all great to work with. They made you feel like they truly cared about you and their ultimate goal of getting pregnant and having a baby. Dr. Walmer is such a kind and caring person and after our transfer I am pretty sure he either prayed or had words of encouragement to say. They were very reassuring throughout the whole process. Thank you so much! On April 6, 2022 we welcomed our little miracle into the world.”

Melissa J.


I had the best experience here at ASB! Dr. Copland is the best at explaining all the steps in detail. We got our miracle baby girl and couldn’t be happier! Thank you again!

Jamie P.


Our experience was extremely satisfactory. We felt informed, prioritized, and supported. I would absolutely recommend Atlantic Fertility and Shared Beginnings to anyone hoping to grow their family.

Sarah M.