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Pathways to Pregnancy

Atlantic Shared Beginnings offers unique programs that use donor eggs and partner or donor sperm to create your embryos at a price that seems too good to be true… and each of them comes with a guarantee.


Which Pathway is Best For You?

Fresh Donor Eggs

The Fresh Donor Egg program guarantees the intended parent will have a good quality day 5 (or day 6) blastocyst available for transfer or we will replace the egg lot with a new donor for free. ASB offers three options in Fresh Donor Egg packages with lots of 6 or 12 eggs. A complete donor cycle guarantee package is also available. This program is available for use with intended parent choice of partner sperm or donor sperm.

Donor/Donor Embryos

Our Donor/Donor Embryo programs are unique. Our recipients choose both their egg donor and their sperm donor to create an embryo profile that fits their family. The donor eggs will be fertilized fresh at the time of retrieval and the resulting embryo(s) will be cryopreserved via vitrification. Intended parents may choose one of the Success Guarantee Programs or the Transfer-Ready Embryo program.



Our Promise

We promise this to our recipients and donors:

Your health, well-being and safety are, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do.

You matter.

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