Program Options and Cost

Program Options & Costs

Pricing for Fresh Donor Egg and Donor/Donor Embryo Programs

Atlantic Shared Beginning’s Donor Egg and Embryo programs offer recipients options tailored to their needs for the best chances of pregnancy success.

With our Fresh Donor Egg Program, recipients will choose the egg lot size that best fits their needs. Our updated pricing includes the costs of the donor eggs as well as all of the fertilization fees. PGT-A testing can be added per patient request for an additional fee payable to Atlantic Reproductive Medicine.

With our Donor/Donor Embryo program, recipients have the option of qualifying for the 12-week Pregnancy Guarantee or choosing Transfer Ready embryos, where multiple embryos can be selected and shipped to the recipient’s local clinic for transfer. PGT-A testing is included in the Donor/ Donor Embryo program.

Fresh Egg Program (2 options):

  • 8 egg cohort shared:  $24,500
  • One-to-One cycle (recipient receives all of the donor’s eggs up to 18 eggs):  $43,500

Donor/Donor Embryo Program (2 options):

Donor/Donor Embryo 12-week pregnancy guarantee options (for qualified recipients)

  • 12-Week Pregnancy Guarantee Creation Program: $ 22,500
  • 12-Week Pregnancy Guarantee Available Share Program: $16,500

Transfer Ready Donor/Donor Embryo Options

  1. (One) Quality Donor/Donor Embryo): $18,500
  2. (Two) Quality Donor/Donor Embryo Lot: $28,500
  3. (Three) Quality Donor/Donor Embryo Lot: $34,500
  4. (Four) Quality Donor/Donor Embryo Lot: $39,500
  5. (Five) Quality Donor/Donor Embryo Lot: $45,500

Costs of all programs include the following:

  • Egg donor screening
  • Donor medication
  • Donor monitoring
  • Donor compensation
  • Egg donor insurance
  • Egg donor retrieval
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo cryopreservation and storageEmbryo biopsy (PGT-A) (Donor/ Donor Embryo Program only)
  • Donor sperm fees (for Donor/Donor Embryo program)
  • Registration of donor in the nexus program

Additional outside fees not payable to ASB:

  • FET (frozen embryo transfer cycle), including ultrasounds: estimated around $5200-$5800
  • PGT-A testing optional per recipient request for Fresh Egg Donor Program- $1500-$2000
  • Saline Ultrasound (typically covered by insurance): $1,000- $1500
  • Trial Transfer: $100
  • Medications for ERA & FET:  contact Fertility Pharmacy of America for estimates (844-449-8767)
  • ERA (endometrial receptivity analysis*) cycle, including ultrasounds and biopsy: $1000-$1500 plus an additional payment of $600-$800 to Igenomix lab, which analyzes the biopsy.

*ERA is a test to determine the optimal time for an embryo to be transferred into a recipient’s uterus (a.k.a, the window of implantation). You can learn more about ERA here:

ERA® Endometrial Receptivity Analysis | Maximize pregnancy chances (