Program Options and Cost

Family Building Programs Summary and Cost

Embryo Program

Embryo Creation

One Euploid Embryo Guarantee $33,500
Two Euploid Embryos Guarantee $36,500

Embryo Selection

Cost per  High Quality Euploid Embryo $18,500
Cost per High Quality Untested Embryo $12,500

Fresh Egg Donor Program

One Embryo Guarantee $27,500*
Option to receive all eggs from a donor’s cycle (up to 18 eggs)- $36,500*
*PGT-A is additional for $3,000

Male Factor Option Fresh Egg Donor Program

8 Fresh Donor Eggs- $19,500*
*PGT-A is additional for $3,000

Frozen Donor Egg Program

Lot of 8 mature frozen donor eggs $16,000*
Lot of 12 mature frozen donor eggs $24,500*
*Option to add on an embryo guarantee $3,000