Program Options and Cost

Family Building Programs Summary and Cost

Embryo Program

Embryo Creation

One Euploid Embryo Guarantee $33,500
Two Euploid Embryos Guarantee $36,500

Embryo Selection

Cost per  High Quality Euploid Embryo $18,500
Cost per High Quality Untested Embryo $12,500

Fresh Egg Donor Program

One Embryo Guarantee $27,500*
Option to receive all eggs from a donor’s cycle (up to 18 eggs)- $36,500*
*PGT-A is additional for $3,000

Male Factor Option Fresh Egg Donor Program

8 Fresh Donor Eggs- $19,500*
*PGT-A is additional for $3,000

Frozen Donor Egg Program

Lot of 8 mature frozen donor eggs $16,000*
Lot of 12 mature frozen donor eggs $24,500*
*Option to add on an embryo guarantee $3,000

Cost of Shipping Embryos to Local Clinics for Transfer

All of the Programs above offer the option to have your embryos shipped to the  local reproductive clinic of your choice if you do not want to do your tranfers at our location. Cost for shipment is not included in the Program fees and will differ depending on your location.

Shipping will be discussed and planned with the Atlantic Shared Beginnings Program Director on an individual patient basis.