How To Leave A Review For Atlantic Shared Beginnings

May 17, 2020

Atlantic Shared Beginnings Director Natalie King shares information for patients who wish to give Atlantic Shared Beginnings an online review.

Online Sites for Reviews

Make a video or review testimonial

Several of our recipients and donors have asked if they might make a video about their Atlantic Shared Beginnings’ experience.

We would love to receive and post your video review.

Video testimonial quick tips

Landscape. Use your smart phone on landscape for a wider screen.

Look at the phone/camera. Just simply look at and talk to your phone as if you were talking with a friend in front of you.

Plain background. Make sure your background is simple, not distracting.

Plain solid color clothes. Avoid wearing prints and stripes, a solid color can work well.

Do a test first. Do a test run and see how your voice sounds and if the lighting is working. It’s normal to have to do several tries, and more, until you like what you recorded and are ready to share it.

What to talk about

Your experience at Atlantic Shared Beginnings

What it was like to be a donor

Tell recipients what to expect

What you wished you had done differently

Your experience with the psychologist, because many worry about that before it happens

Anonymous audio or video testimonials: is that an option?

We welcome your anonymous audio or video testimonials. Contact us and we’ll help you with that.

Our Promise

We promise this to our recipients and donors:

Your health, well-being and safety are, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do.

You matter.


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