Men Having Babies at ASB

Men Having Babies

ASB is proud to participate in The New York Men Having Babies Virtual Conference & Expo! The international nonprofit Men Having Babies (MHB) is dedicated to providing gay men with educational and financial support to achieve parenthood through surrogacy. MHB’s annual conferences, workshops and webinars provide over two thousand attendees worldwide with unbiased guidance and access to a wide range of relevant service providers.

For gay men who want to become parents, the Men Having Babies (MHB) educational conferences offer an unparalleled opportunity to get curated information, expert advice, and access to a wide range of relevant service providers from an unbiased non-profit organization. The program offers comprehensive guidance relevant to intended parents. While the event is organized by gay parenting organizations, non-gay prospective parents are welcome to attend and can benefit from the in-depth information as well.

ASB Offers Special Programs for Men Having Babies.

Atlantic Shared Beginnings recipients choose their egg donor and sperm source(s). Recipients have access to available donor profiles with photos and can select a donor from the comfort of their own home. We are proud to provide fresh donor egg lots that are more affordable and have higher success rates than frozen eggs. Optional genetic testing of embryos is available, and all programs come with a guarantee. Whether you are seeking donor eggs or donor/donor embryos, we will work with you and your gestational carrier for continued success.